Wave Therapy

Hardcore (i.e. never pseudo/junk) science concludes that reality (obviously including you) is an ocean of energy relative to the human vicinity (and that too is seamlessly purely energetic).

Logically speaking, you are a relatively very complex set of energy currents with subjective boundaries, and the physical factors determining those boundaries are part of those currents.

Hardcore science also concludes that every system (living or not) within reality requires balance for stability (so survival).

The infallible logic is your body needs to be optimally tuned to a state of balance for optimal stress levels (i.e. optimal health).

Any inflammation (which is what poorer health is apparently all about) comes from a misalignment of energy currents, so creates a problematic energy buildup and/or release that requires earliest addressing. The longer the problem exists, the more the destructive misalignment ripplingly spreads and also possibly amplifies. Momentum from that misalignment increases with the passage of time, so (perhaps much) more work then becomes needed to "stir" against that subjectively destructive energy flow to restore (or adapt to a new form of) reasonably healthy balance.

Health is all about stress, which is synonymous with change (which is literally everywhere within reality). In other words, Stress Health relies solely upon the physics definition of stress, which is one body distorting another body (or one energy current modulating another energy current).

Stress (i.e. change) can obviously be positive (healthy) or negative (unhealthy).

When you properly engage in traditional exercise (e.g. yoga, a workout at the gym, playing sports, and/or so on), you apply healthy stress to strengthen your abililty to maintain balance against the many forces of nature working against that balance (to maximally hold off the one net-resulting force guaranteed in fact to end your life wave).

As your brain is literally a muscle, healthy stress needs to be applied mentally too. As the placebo effect (i.e. the belief in medicative effectiveness leading to healing results without actually consuming that medication) is scientifically valid, at least your mind truly plays a leading role in your overall health.

Application of healthy stress is not always obvious, so a credible trainer may be needed to guide you through workouts (including carefully working with you to ensure those workouts fit your unique stress signature).

Wave therapy is all about properly tuning your body for maximum health.

As reality is an ocean of energy that you are seamlessly connected within, wave therapy is naturally a broad subject (anything you find positive can be considered wave therapy – e.g. simply being in beautiful weather).

Many forms of therapy (e.g. aroma therapy, massage therapy, and so on) are contained within wave therapy. Working and resting appropriately to maximize competence, Stress Health (while promoting the popular conscious recognition of wave therapy) initially is strongly focused upon a certain subset of wave therapy carefully tuned with the entertainment expertise of yours truly (Spirit Wave, or Scott, if you prefer – for any of you first landing upon this page, so not yet introduced to yours truly).

Sounds are energy waves, so when you listen to music (or nature, and so on), the purely energetic construct at least forming your brain (i.e. brain waves) ripple. If the sounds are crafted right and fit the listener, then those ripples amplify a sense of healthy mind (which ripples beyond your brain for healthier being). Sonic therapy (a superset containing music therapy, and a subset of wave therapy, although that may go without saying) serves to strengthen your mind – importantly note that your mind may be healthier served by silence, or the much more typical outcome of something slightly louder than pure silence.

The sense of healthy mind resulting from adding wave therapy can be remembered, so consequently perhaps (i.e. if allowable by reality) exercised by you to improve your health tuning without relying upon wave therapy as a crutch. In other words, the sense of healthy mind made possible by wave therapy is effectively a trainer showing you the healthy goal (i.e. the healthy tuning needed for balance), and upon remembering that healthy sensation, the mind owner can then exercise (i.e. intentionally tune) the mind for healthier being to the fullest extent permissable by reality (an extent that can vary due to challenges applied by reality).

To experience Stress Health sonic therapy, one only needs to listen...

As a graduate from Berklee College of Music, yours truly has spent enormous resources in time/energy/money to become a professional entertainer capable of crafting audio works that conform to healthier being (works that at least feel positive or balancing for me, followed by sharing them with you, so you preferably achieve that same benefit).

While academic credibility exists only from my Bachelor's degree in music synthesis and production (i.e. I have no credential from studying traditional music therapy education, sincerely with no disrespect against that formal educational path), my credibility (as applicable to your health) can obviously be decided by your Stress Health listening experience. If you feel better after listening to Stress Health, then it works.

I amusingly proclaim "for entertainment purposes only" here, although I remain perfectly confident that my logical pursuit aside from that educational and professional formality speaks clearly for itself – noting that any sufficient opportunity within my healthily busy life will naturally compel me to wisely explore that formality as part of my healthy exercise to improve my skill set for better balance for me and my 3Fs (family, friends, and fans).

Because each listener and listening environment is unique (at least technically speaking), there is never any guarantee that any work intended for sonic therapy results in positivity. Choosing listening material is similar to choosing anything else. The better tuned in with the listener's health, the better the accuracy in choosing listening material. For extreme example, even an obnoxiously dissonant song can lead to positivity, if that song prompts a positive memory to dominantly resonate for the listener (e.g. that song is comfortably associated with a loved one of that listener).

In other words, formal music therapy is a highly customized experience for people (i.e. a truly deep and sophisticated focus upon each client's music therapy needs – more: Music therapy Wikipedia entry), but Stress Health simply offers sonic (not to mention other wavy) results intended to be uplifting or balancing for better health.

Momentum towards the end of Cannabis (a.k.a. Marijuana) Prohibition shows no sign of weakening. When lawfully available, wave therapy includes psychedelic therapy (or "psytherapy" for simpler communication – though not to be confused with psychotherapy).

Not only is cannabis already providing therapeutic value in many ways, but other psychedelics are too, according to researchers at prominent universities (e.g. Harvard, John Hopkins, Yale, and so on).

Psytherapy includes professionally supplying MDMA (more commonly known as Ecstasy) to help people deal with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and/or domestic abuse, and Psilocybin (the psychoactive ingredient in Magic Mushrooms) is being used to help terminally ill cancer patients deal with death-related anxiety.

Psychedelics no longer strictly exist within the realm of human failure (as too often believed due to the constantly broadcasted demonization against psychedelic use for decades), but help contribute to areas of culture and health (negative upon abuse, and positive upon use, if that fails to go without saying).

Wave therapy has been demonstrably proven as critical towards a healthy evolution.

Publicly conscious recognition of wave therapy (and of the perpetual need to improve society's understanding and implementation of that therapy) logically strengthens that healthy evolution for us all.

Stress Health is simply an entertainment ecosystem (enteco for short) dedicated to raising that public recognition, and my contribution to that enteco comes from my relevant focus – while preferring that ecosystem naturally expands beyond that focus to encompass other focuses by responsible entertainers (i.e. educators understanding the need for entertainment in the interest of learning).