Our Team

This photo shows winter trees in New England rising up to a beautiful blue sky, while a single cycle of white light symbolically flows through it.Our primary team goal is minimizing unhealthy stress for better being.

That goal requires a healthy balance between rigidity and flexibility (as exemplified by the best athletes remaining competently loose for prime performance).

On the one hand, inspired by a bolt of lightning, a tree, certain bodily features (veins, neurons, and so on), the structure of galaxy clusters within this universe (thanks to dark matter), and anything else sharing the basic and undeniably successful branching shape, we naturally branch out towards that goal (as illustrated by the branching trees in the nearby image that is purposefully vying for your attention).

On the balancing hand, inspired by the simplicity, predictability, and harmony of a sine wave cycle (as also illustrated in the nearby image) – scientifically well-established via the Fourier theorem to be the sole pattern of any energy form, and reality being apparently scientifically and purely energetic (so the sole pattern of reality) – that would logically seamlessly fade out towards an undefinable extreme upon the absence of perception, we also naturally settle towards that goal. Feel free to understand Reality Waveform Theory for relevant scientific grounding.

Adaptation is critical (if not what life is all about) for literally everyone without discrimination, so adaptation is always the dominant Stress Health discipline.

Our team is committed towards a healthy balance of 'tried and true' and discovering ways to grow right (whatever fits the discipline of adaptation).

Therefore tradition solely for the sake of tradition is always discouraged as wasteful and inappropriately rigid.

Joining our team is accomplished first by achieving the right mindset. Towards respectable character, our team players must always better understand themselves by better understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Simply put, the better that understanding, the better our team naturally performs – and the better team players manage their stress towards achieving our primary goal.

Reward comes from every smile, laugh, or any other harmlessly positive sensation felt by any individual working and resting for the positive need of us all. If that reward satisfies you, then welcome to our team, and thank you for helping us work, play, and rest (all as needed) to achieve our primary goal.

Team Tuning

To stay tuned in (optionally including constructively communicating your perspective of Stress Health), experience the Stress Health branch of the Spirit Wave Journal.

Team Resources

Any team requires the right resources to perform their best, so our Stress Health team needs you to fittingly contribute money to Stress Health thankyouness.

Team Legal Disclaimer

In our sometimes horribly litigious society, a protective legal disclaimer is needed. You must understand that joining our team (including, but not limited to, any and all of your actions and/or inactions involving Stress Health) naturally means connecting with the All Sines entertainment ecosystem (enteco) that contains the Stress Health enteco. Therefore, you must also understand that you must agree to the brief All Sines legal disclaimer prior to joining our team in any way involving legal liability.