Three convenient ways to thankfully financially contribute to Stress Health thankyouness are...

1. Subscription (only $1 yearly)

Hopefully you'll never need to...

PayPal account is required.

2. Music (Audio Sculptures)

Set your fitting price to buy a Stress Health audio sculpture at the popular Bandcamp music store.

3. Merchandise

Your Stress Health merchandise patiently awaits your purchase at the popular Zazzle store.

Why Only $1 Yearly?

Due to a healthy financial discipline (including the absence of greed and other unhealthy ego issues), Stress Health does not require a lot of money to run smoothly for our growing community.

Only $1 yearly is likely affordable for anyone caring about Stress Health – logically a reasonably large group, considering how relevant our efforts are to most, if not all, people – so provides a nice financial simmer towards that care upon securing enough fans who prefer to conveniently 'set it and forget it' subscription-style.

Your Value

Stress Health entertainment is only published when naturally ready, so never due to unhealthy pressures such as unwavering deadlines, unnaturally forced quotas, and so on.

For everyone's convenience, Stress Health uses a simple-but-powerful reward system – one meticulously designed after careful consideration of the innovative value of internet-enabled entertainment, and one inspired by the tried-and-true reward systems that entertainment fans (hopefully including you) prefer to use.

Instead of any kind of complex and mandatory subscription service, or any other obstructing paywall against your access, online Stress Health entertainment freely breathes worldwide for maximum reach.

You can stream, download, store, copy, and share Stress Health (and other All Sines) content however you like, as long as you do not financially profit from it (noting that even the commercial limit may be responsibly eventually removed).

Downloads include highest quality uncompressed versions, so there really is no access restriction.

Note that Stress Health entertainment is sometimes additionally made available through popularly traditional entertainment channels (e.g. iTunes, Spotify, and so on) for fan convenience, and Stress Health obviously has no control over those providers outside of this reward system.

Your financial support is healthily encouraged, because obviously proper resources are necessary for any healthy exercise.

Value is subjective, so Stress Health provides the convenient set of three options above for your rewarding pleasure.

In other words, you ultimately and conveniently set the price fit for you, after experiencing Stress Health entertainment to determine its value (obviously if any) towards benefiting your life.

If you believe the value of that entertainment exceeds $1 yearly, then simply purchase audio (at whatever price you desire to spend) and/or merchandise to make up the difference whenever fit for you.

Financial overflow (yes, there is such a thing as too much money) is redirected to solid (well-vetted) charitable organizations who are helping to reduce unhealthy stress globally (e.g. disaster relief), which is a critical factor towards community strengthening (Stress Health's primary goal).

The bottom line is you are in control, because only you own your sense of Stress Health value, so you are simply humbly asked to control wisely for us all.